frequently asked questions

  • Is BCS Sitters, LLC an agency?
  • BCS Sitters is not an agency. We do not "match" sitters with families. BCS Sitters is a Limited Liability Corporation.
  • Is BCS Sitters a Christian based company?
  • BCS Sitters is a Christian based company. However, we do not require that our sitters or our members hold any specific beliefs. BCS Sitters expects all sitters and members to be treated equally and with kindness and respect at all times!
  • Can any Family join BCS Sitters?
  • Any family can fill out registration paperwork. All families will be contacted by BCS Sitters to talk more about their specific needs before approval. We do our best to accommodate to all, but sometimes we are not the right fit for what a family is looking for.
  • How does the Family register?
  • Registration paperwork is filled out via the BCS Sitters site. A family will remain “pending” until they have spoken with a BCS Sitters representative. The family will receive notification that they are able to sign up for a membership once their registration has been approved.
  • Can I cancel my membership?
  • You can cancel your membership at any time; however, refunds are issued at the discretion of BCS Sitters, LLC. To cancel, visit the Payment Details & Subscription page of your profile in the Dashboard. Click "Cancel" on your current subscription. You may cancel at any time.
  • Can I use BCS Sitters to find a nanny?
  • We do have a consistent positions page for ongoing needs (such as families looking for part-time nannies) and special scenarios. Because many of our sitters are students, we are not typically able to find care for families needing full-time nannies.
  • How does the Family make a request for a Sitter?
  • Once a family has filled out the registration forms, been approved, and chosen a membership, they can start making requests from their Member Home Page.
  • How does the Family connect with the Sitter?
  • The family fills out a request which goes on the job board. All sitters are notified when a new request is made. The sitters then review and respond to the requests on a first come, first serve basis. An email will be sent to the family when the request is accepted and the sitter will contact the family after they have accepted the request.
  • Does the Family get to choose what Sitter they want?
  • The family cannot choose a specific sitter. The family's request goes on the sitters' job board for all of the sitters to see and respond to based on their availability. Families do have the option to have “favorite” sitters, however, who will then get their job notifications first. Families also have the ability to "block" sitters, which prohibits specific sitters from seeing that family's posts.
  • Are any background checks performed on the Families?
  • Yes! Each family goes through the United States Department of Justice Sex Offender check where names are cross-referenced with driver’s licenses or other forms of I.D. We also will collect pertinent information from families in the event that further background checks are necessary. Families who are not willing to be part of these screenings will not be approved for the site.
  • What type of background checks are done on the Sitters?
  • Background checks are completed annually on each applicant (this is in addition to contacting three personal references and face to face interview):
    1. Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Background Check
    2. United States Department of Justice Sex Offender Check
    3. Texas Department of Public Safety Driving Record
  • How does a Sitter get paid?
  • The family typically sets the pay rate. Sitters and families can negotiate on pay, but BCS Sitters is not part of these negotiations. Most jobs start at $15 per hour. The sitter is paid directly by the family.
  • Can any Sitter join BCS Sitters?
  • Anyone 18 years or older can apply. This does not mean that everyone who applies can join. Sitters must have relevant experience with references, participate in an interview process, submit documents for a background check and obtain CPR and First Aid certification. We want the best sitters out there!
  • What type of sitter does BCS Sitters look for?
  • BCS Sitters is looking for experienced, grounded, mature individuals that enjoy taking care of children and helping others. Hours are flexible but we want motivated sitters who are looking to work hard and make great connections with our members!
  • Are there any fees for the Sitter to join?
  • There is a required $35 new hire fee which includes a background check and mandatory t-shirt. After the first year, there is an annual $20 fee for background checks.
  • Does every Sitter have to be trained in CPR and First Aid?
  • Yes, every Sitter must be trained and certified in CPR and First Aid. Certification is not required for a sitter to apply, but will be required before they are approved to begin working. All certifications must be obtained via an in-person, hands on course. Online certifications are not accepted.
  • Where can I find a CPR and First Aid Class?
  • There are classes offered all over town. You are welcome to find one and take it on your own, or we will help you find a class! Online certifications are not accepted as it is important to have hands on practice. Certification is typically valid for two years. If you have already taken the classes and can show proof of certification you will not be required to renew until that certification expires.